McDonald’s Closes On 4th Avenue To Make Room For Apartment Building


Now Closed: McDonald's, 275 4th Avenue
Now Closed: 4th Avenue McDonald's
If you’re hoping to get a Big Mac at a drive-through, you’re going to have to head someplace else, as the McDonald’s at 275 4th Avenue is now closed.

The property on the corner of 4th Avenue and 1st Street sold for $14.8 million last year, and the McDonald’s will be razed to make room for a 78-unit rental building designed by ODA Architecture, as a project of Adam America Real Estate Investment and Silverstone Property Group. The building will have a lounge, gardens, a gym, and commercial space on the ground floor.

Demolition of the McDonald’s was approved by the Department of Buildings in January. No word yet on an anticipated completion date for the new 11-story apartment building.

  • freddie

    is your only source a poorly hand written sign?

    • Mary Bakija

      Apologies for not clarifying in the post, but we did speak with an employee on-site who confirmed it’s closed for good.

  • Larry Lockhorn

    Another local, casual Irish eatery obliterated by rapacious developers.