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If you love Prospect Park and you want to help keep it clean and safe for local wildlife, join W.I.L.D. for Prospect Park on Saturday, April 19 from 11am-1pm for its first Lakeside Cleanup and Visitor Outreach of the year. Volunteers will gather by the side of the lake near the Vanderbilt Street/Prospect Park Southwest
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Now that the snow is melting, it’s causing even more problems than manhole fires. Con Edison is dealing with reports of stray voltage all over the city, and there’s at least one area to be cautious around in our neighborhood. If you notice an area with Con Ed cones and a car with a cone
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A proposed amendment to existing laws about sidewalk snow and ice removal could mean heftier penalties for those who don’t shovel, but clear walks for pedestrians. Councilmember David Greenfield is proposing that the city use municipal workers to clear a sidewalk they would normally ticket (fines currently start at $100 if a sidewalk isn’t cleared within four
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Alternate side parking is suspended once again, through Saturday, February 22, to facilitate snow removal, though you still need to pay parking meters. With no alternate side parking regulations on Sunday, that means the next time you may have to move your car is Monday, February 24, creeping up on a full month that some cars have
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We’ve now inched into the top 10 snowiest winters on record, and all that snow is taking a toll on pedestrians in some areas. You know those uncleared sections of sidewalk by now, the ones you cross the street to avoid, or creep over carefully trying not to wipe out. But aside from filing a
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You’ve probably seen a million photos of snow in 2014 already, so we thought we’d take a break from that to look at some snow from history! We’ve got a ton of snow right now, but not as much as they did along Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues in 1888, as the photo above via Brooklyn
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The ice and snow and slush aren’t just causing difficulties for those of us wearing boots that aren’t waterproof enough — we’re starting to hear reports of some power issues around the neighborhood. A street light went out at Flatbush Ave and St Marks, and as Erika Clark noted on Twitter, there was some smoke
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It’s pretty nasty out this morning, but the precipitation should be over by rush hour tonight. Garbage and recycling collection is delayed on Wednesday, as workers continue snow removal operations around the city. DSNY asks residents to remove any snow from garbage that is already out, and to make sure that bags are placed in a
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A tree caused some problems along 5th Avenue near Degraw on Monday morning, just outside of Venticinque (the one with the bench around it, which is what you can see there around the bottom of the tree), after it was uprooted and toppled over a truck into the street. Firefighters arrived to cut limbs and clear
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The snow is already sticking to the sidewalks, and by the time it ends early tomorrow morning, we could have as much as 14 inches out there! The heaviest snow is expected between 4-10pm, so be extra careful if you’re commuting during that time. Here are some of the snow-related things you should know today:
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Don’t let today’s comparatively comfy weather fool you — we’re in for more cold and more snow, so remember to check and see if you’ve got salt for your sidewalks, mittens and hats for your extremities, and that your neighbors are in good shape as well. The city has issued a snow alert starting at