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Business A'Putia: Our Mezzaluna Quiche

A’Putia sends word that they have started serving brunch, and have added savory dishes to their lineup of authentic Sicilian pastries at their new 5th Avenue cafe. We’ve tried the cannoli (and yes, they are delicious) and owner-chef Giacomo goes to extreme lengths to procure ingredients like sheep’s milk for the cannoli from Italy. They
Featured Brooklyn Crepe & Juice Bar (169 Fifth Avenue)

While smoothies were the “it” drink of the ’90s, freshly pressed, pulverized, and macerated (you heard us right) juices are quickly becoming today’s current health craze. What is the difference between a smoothie and a juice? Made in a blender, a smoothie is composed of whole fruits and vegetables blended together to create a thick,
Featured Fall-OMG-Fall

Fall doesn’t officially start till tomorrow, but a look around the neighborhood suggests it’s already here. Case in point. A fall thing to do is run to the bodega to pick up milk and a $3.99 can of soup and accidentally come home with a large pumpkin. You know how it goes. Seasonal beer. It
Featured tired-dog

A tired tire dog. On My Block wants you to make a movie with your neighbors. Greenwood Park reignites the strollers-in-bars debate, and everyone has a lot to say about it. The Teen Commandments are the official bards of the G train. We saw the flowers, and the flowers were fake. The Straphangers Campaigned assessed
Featured ghost-stroller

photo credit: Elizabeth Graham/Brooklyn Paper In 2010, the mystery of the now-legendary Park Slope Ghost Stroller swept the city (or a certain subset of it): was it a tribute to an unidentifiable accident? A joke about gentrification? We wondered, and then time passed, and eventually we stopped wondering. But according to the Brooklyn Paper, it’s