Blok Hill Now Open On 7th Avenue


Blok Hill
The storefront at 103 7th Avenue, between Union and President Streets, didn’t stay empty for too long. After Rivet closed its location there earlier this month, the store’s former buyer decided to build her own shop in the space, and Blok Hill is now open.

Inside via Blok Hill
Though it may look somewhat similar to the previous store, it’s actually undergone a big transformation, and the items are in some of the same aesthetic of what you found here before, but you’ll find new and different clothing and accessories, plus more to come in the future.

And yes, you may still see the store mascot, Bo, there as well.

Blok Hill is located at 103 7th Avenue, between Union and President Streets, . Hours are Monday-Saturday 11am-8pm and Sunday 12-7pm.

Bottom photo via Blok Hill