Registration Now Open For CSAs In Park Slope


CSA by Bare Foot Organics
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs allow subscribers to buy fresh vegetables, and sometimes fruit, eggs, and more, direct from a local farmer. You pay in advance (though different CSAs may have different pay scales or due dates), and then during a period of weeks during the peak growing season, you go to a set location to pick up a variety of items that are currently available at that farm. You will generally also have to commit to at least one volunteer shift during the season.

There are pros and cons — for instance, pro, you get fresh veg straight from the farmer; con, you have to make sure you can be at the predetermined pick-up time every week or so. In our area, there are several CSAs to choose from, so you have to look at their options to see what works best for you.

See the list below, and if you have any experiences you’d like to share, or questions you’d like to ask of people who’ve done it before, please do so in the comments.

Park Slope CSA
Farm is Windflower Farm, a small, organic family farm in upstate New York.
Season runs June through late October or early November.
Cost Full share of veggies (22 weeks) is $506, and you can add fruit, flowers, and/or eggs for an additional cost. Every other week share of veggies (11 weeks) is $253, with the same add-ons available as the full share. All members must pay a $25 membership fee in addition. There are discount payment plans available, and they accept EBT payments.
Work shift is required for full share members is 5 hours in two shifts, and for EOW share members is 2.5 hours in one shift.
Pick-up is on Tuesdays 3-7pm or Thursdays 4-7:30pm, depending on which you sign up for, at Garden of Union, on Union Street between 4th and 5th Avenues.
Deadline to sign up is rolling, but there’s a late fee of $15 if you do so after April 21. Sign up online; you can pay by credit card via PayPal or by check.
More information at their website.

Fishkill Farms CSA
Farm is Fishkill Farms, a family-run farm (for nearly 100 years) in Hopewell Junction, New York.
Season runs June through late November.
Cost Full share is $950 for 23 weeks and includes fruits and veggies; same goes for the small share, which is $550 for every other week pick-up. Eggs, meat, and a Hudson Valley milk share are also available as add-ons for an additional cost. Payment plans can be arranged.
Work shift doesn’t appear to be required here.
Pick-up is on Saturdays from 9am-12pm at The Old Stone House, 3rd Street between 4th and 5th Avenues.
Deadline to sign up is rolling, but sign up soon, as shares are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Download the registration form and mail it in with a check, or hand it to them in person at their stand at the Carroll Gardens Greenmarket on Sundays between 8am-2pm
More information at their website.

Bare Foot Organics CSA
Farm is Bare Foot Organics, a certified organic family farm in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.
Season runs early June through late October.
Cost Full share is $890 for 21 weeks of veggies; medium share is $750 for 21 weeks of veggies. For an additional cost, you can add extra fruit every other week, and/or eggs.
Work shift is not required, but they ask that people volunteer at least once to help unload, pack up, and otherwise act as a delivery manager, if needed.
Pick-up is on Wednesdays from 3-7pm at Runner & Stone, 285 3rd Avenue between President and Carroll Streets. You can also get your share delivered to your door for the season for an additional $210.
Deadline to sign up is in April, so sign up soon. You can register and pay online.
More information at their website.

Common Hands CSA
Farm is Common Hands Farm, a small farm just outside of Hudson, New York.
Season runs June through November.
Cost Full share is $615 for 23 weeks of veggies; half share is $375 for 12 weeks of veggies. Fruit and eggs are available as an add-on for $280. There’s also an additional herbal share this year, for an added cost. A two-payment plan is available for full shares only.
Work shift is not required, but if you’d like to volunteer, there are share discounts available.
Pick-up is on Tuesday evenings at Brooklyn Boulders, 575 Degraw Street at 3rd Avenue.
Deadline to sign up is rolling, but sign up soon. You can register online, and then pay by credit card via PayPal or by check.
More information at their website.

Photo via Bare Foot Organics