Make Your Voice Heard With Our New Feature, Park Slope Perspective


Park Slope Streets: Union Street near 5th Avenue in Spring
One of our goals at Park Slope Stoop is to represent a wide range of neighbors, interests, and experiences, and we’re inviting those who’d like to share their opinions, tips, and more to let us be their megaphone with our new feature column.

Park Slope Perspective is designed to present the story straight from the horse’s — or rather, the Park Sloper’s — mouth. Have a memory or some photos to share about the neighborhood in the old days? A tale of home or garden renovations, or an idea to fix a dangerous intersection? Thoughts on how the Methodist expansion will impact your daily life, or why your child’s school deserves more praise? What about an underrated restaurant, or something kind a neighbor once did for you? Sheesh, why do you love your local crossing guard?

The possibilities are pretty limitless — even if you’d prefer to work with comics or photos instead of text, we’d just like to expand the number of views reflected on the site. You’re what makes this neighborhood, so whether you think housing around here is too expensive, want to share a holiday recipe, wish area businesses would diversify, or believe film shoots are great for the community, we want you to share your thoughts. Present a controversial argument or just recount your first impressions of the ‘hood — it’s up to you, and it’s in your words.

If you’d like to share your Park Slope Perspective, send your feelings, photos, and a short biographical passage to .