This Week On The Stoop


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Here’s a look back at some stories you might have missed this week:

• Oh, that was just Robert De Niro hanging out on 7th Avenue, that’s all.

GreenSpace on 4th, a new community garden, is finally opening after decades of delays.

• Searching for communal connectedness at a dinner church in Gowanus.

• Eleven Consignment Boutique is opening another location across the street.

• A 68-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly stealing a handbag at Tea Lounge.

• Have you seen the new mural on the side of Mavi?

Canvas has closed, and Japanese crepes are coming soon.

• Neighbors voice opinions on replacing a garage with rentals on Union Street.

• Bar with a backyard we love: Flatbush Farm Bar (just mind the Garden Snake).

Omni Beauty Salon has replaced Silky on 5th Avenue.

• Finally, the Kentile Floors sign is down to being the I Floors sign.