FasTrack Hits The B/D/F & More Weekday Subway Service Changes


Before we get to the subway changes coming up this week, has anyone tried Bus Time yet? The service, which tells you where your bus is along the line, is now available all over Brooklyn. We checked it out yesterday, and it seemed to be pretty spot on, and very helpful! If you find an app that accesses the data that you’d recommend, let us know in the comments.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning to ride the subway to or from Park Slope late at night this week, keep an eye out for several changes affecting local lines — particularly along the B/D/F, which will see FasTrack maintenance between 10pm and 5am each night this week. All that info and more via the MTA:

Wakefield-bound 2 trains skip Hoyt, Clark, Wall, Fulton Sts, and Park Place
Late nights, 11:45pm to 5am, Monday to Friday, March 10-14
After Nevins St, Wakefield-bound 2 trains run via the 4 to Wall St (skipping Bowling Green), then are rerouted nonstop to Chambers St and resume regular service.

B service ends early
Late evenings, Monday to Thursday, March 10-13
The last 145 St-bound B train leaves Brighton Beach at 9:30pm; the last Brighton Beach-bound B train leaves 145 St at 9:43pm. Take the D and Q instead. Transfer between trains at DeKalb Av.

Manhattan-bound D trains run local from 36 St, Brooklyn to DeKalb Av
Evenings, beginning 8:30pm, Monday to Thursday, until Mar 13
Allow additional travel time.

D and F trains are rerouted in Manhattan. No service at 57 St, 47-50 Sts, 42 St-Bryant Pk, 34 St-Herald Sq, 23, and 14 Sts
Late nights, 10pm to 5am, Monday to Friday, March 10-14
F trains run via the E in both directions between Roosevelt Av and W 4 St. D service operates in two sections: Between 205 St and B’way-Lafayette St, and via the F to/from 2 Av (trains run local via the A between 145 St and W 4 St); and between W 4 St and Stillwell Av. Transfer at B’way-Lafayette St to continue your trip.

G Trains run every 20 minutes
Late nights, beginning 11pm, Monday to Thursday, until Apr 3
Allow additional travel time.

Astoria-bound N trains run local from 59 St, Brooklyn to DeKalb Av
Evenings, beginning 8:30pm, Monday to Thursday, until March 13
Allow additional travel time.

No R trains between Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn
All times until October 2014
No R service at City Hall, Cortlandt, Rector, Whitehall, Court Streets, and Jay Street-MetroTech. R service operates between Forest Hills-71st Avenue and Bay Ridge-95th Street. Trains run via the Q in both directions between Canal Street and DeKalb Avenue.

Additionally, look out for more changes further down the line on the 2, 4, 5, Q, and R trains.

These schedules occasionally change, so check for the latest updates.

  • Cat

    I have the Bus Checker app it is VERY accurate, it has made my life so much easier now that I know up to two hours ahead at what times the bus will be at any stop, and not once it hasn’t been right on time.