A Look Inside The Montauk Club Apartment, Currently For Sale


If you’re anything like us, you walk by the Montauk Club, on the corner of 8th Avenue and Lincoln Place, and admire the outside, running through your head the people you know to figure out if there’s anyone who might be a member of the recently re-imagined club who can bring you to get a look at the inside. Well, if you’ve got $5,250,000, you don’t need to dream anymore — you can live in the historic building.

Halstead is listing the condo, 25 8th Avenue 3rd Floor, which is 4,200 square feet with five bedrooms and four bathrooms, 12-foot ceilings, three original fireplaces, a copper bathtub…basically it’s all just amazing.

According to the listing, the apartment used to be the original club’s ballroom, and you can picture people dancing around this room when the clubhouse opened in 1890. However, a review published that year notes the third floor held the main dining room, the ladies’ dining room, and the ladies’ parlor, allowing wives and daughters of member to share “all the enjoyments and pleasures which membership in the Montauk is expected to afford.”

The cost to build the Montauk Club in the was a total of $232,272 — $40,000 for the land, $162,686 for the building, and $29,586 for the furnishings, according to the club’s history.

The club sold parts of the building to a developer, and those were cut into condos, selling for between $500,000 and $900,000.

Curbed notes that a couple bought the apartment in 2010 for $2,450,00. Do you think they’ll get their $5.25M asking price?

  • sandra

    You can walk right into the Montauk Club and see it for yourself –no member required! The lovely Sarah, at the front desk, or the manager, Sonya, are always happy to show new folks around.