One thing our outgoing Mayor Bloomberg is known for in his tenure is building the TV and film industry in the city, and in Park Slope in 2013, it was clear business was booming. Here’s a look back on some of the movies and television shows that were filmed in the neighborhood in the past year:

The Americans: No question that some local spots could resemble the ’80s.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues: Stay classy, Park Slope.

Appropriate Behavior: A local filmmaker’s work, based here and in Bushwick.

Are We Officially Dating: Or, Waiting For Zefron.

Ataru: The Japanese series shot some B-roll near the park.

Blue Bloods: Getting some use out of the former Montessori school (above).

The Carrie Diaries: Again, like The Americans, ’80s in full effect.

Debra Messing’s untitled comedy pilot: Still don’t know the name, or if it got picked up.

Girls: We’re guessing none of the characters are moving here in the next season.

John Wick: Keanu! Just be warned that the dog dies.

The Knick: Great period clothes spotted on 8th Ave.

Learning to Drive: Ben Kingsley as a driving instructor.

Margarita, With a Straw: Going global with this Indian feature film.

Nurse Jackie: Scenes from Gowanus.

Orange Is The New Black: A wedding or a funeral at Grace United Methodist?

Person of Interest: Look out for 4th Ave on the CBS show.

Some Velvet Morning: Neil LaBute’s new one, shot entirely in a local brownstone.

Taxi: Brooklyn: Based on a French franchise, it’s got a Grey’s Anatomy cast member.

Unforgettable: Wait a minute, that’s not a real flower shop on 5th Ave.

White Collar: So much Matt Bomer.

Notice any we missed? And do you enjoy seeing the neighborhood up on the screen, or are you tired of all the commotion? Guess we’ll have to see what a new mayor, and a new year, brings.

Photo by lindsaycarson

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  • Chicken Underwear

    Isn’t there some sort of City agency that is supposed to make sure some areas don’t have to many film shoots going on.

  • cmk

    Since I sold my car and no longer have the to find a parking spot, I’m OK with the filming and enjoy seeing BK onscreen. “Elementary” was shot on Carroll St. (and many cars were relocated, to the surprise of their owners who felt there was no/inadequate notice about the filming.)

  • jt

    If I remember correctly, Wolf of Wall Street and Winter’s Tale filmed up by Ethical Culture early last year. I think Boardwalk Empire was filming again in the neighborhood in 2013, as it did in years past. Elementary definitely filmed here in 2013.