0 Photo Of The Day: Head Of The Stoop Sale

We found the head of a recent stoop sale in front of the Park Slope Library. Take any photos in the neighborhood lately? Send them to, add them to the Park Slope Stoop Flickr group, or tag them #parkslope…

0 Brooklyn News Roundup

A couple of men have fallen into holes and we have just the right woman to bury you. It’s been a busy week and now’s the chance to see what’s been going on around the borough. Below are some of…

Real Estate
0 Park Slope Apartment Rental Roundup

There’s a new kid on the block. As the boys back home would say, “HEWWWW, BUDDYYYY.” From my birth in the backwaters of Brooklyn, it’s been my dream to list apartments that I’d never be able to afford. Now pour…

0 Flashback Friday: Cats Of Park Slope

Sometimes a photographer finds his subject and runs with it. And while cats may not have been the only thing that Dr. Ralph Irving Lloyd, an ophthalmologist and amateur photographer who lived and worked in Brooklyn starting in 1899, captured,…

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