Landlord Of Former Garfield Farm Market Looking For “Mom And Pop Type” Replacement


Apple Tree Garfield Farm Market frawing
A lot of people have been asking about what business might move in next at 156 7th Avenue, on the corner of Garfield, where Garfield Farm Market most recently stood (or, for all of you who’ve been around a while might know it as, Apple Tree). Well, it’s currently available to rent, and real estate agent James Nilsen of Open House Management tells us that both he and the landlord, Joung Sik Tak, are hoping to find a business that can satisfy the needs of the community without “corroding the feel of the neighborhood.”

The store is about 2,100 square feet including a basement, and they’ll consider “any and all financially sound tenants that will meet our desired terms,” Nislen says — which means anything from a restaurant to another grocery store. Those terms are: a rent of $17,500 per month plus utilities, with a 3% increase each year, three free months to allow for renovation, and the tenant must pay 35% of the property tax, which is about $11,000 per year.

We recently took a look at the numerous vacant storefronts along 7th Avenue, and this now tops the list as the highest priced space available. Still, it’s about in line with the price-per-square-foot seen along the strip. And apparently they don’t want it to stay empty for long.

“I know a lot of stores are sitting vacant right now in the area, and we do not want that for our space,” Nilsen says, adding that he lives in the neighborhood, and that Tak and his family have owned the space since 1986, and “genuinely care about the community.”

He says they understand the community would prefer “a Mom and Pop type store,” and he hopes they can find someone that fits that need.

“I just want to get the word out to the community now that this is what we want, and hopefully a local business will find it worthwhile for themselves to takeover the space,” he says. “I would rather satisfy the people than hand the keys over to a corporate entity, but if I cannot find what it’s worth within the community, then I will no longer have pull on who takes the space.”

If you’ve got a business that might be the right fit, call Nilsen at 718-954-2051 for more info.

And for everyone else, what kind of business are you hoping to see here?

Property drawing via Joung Sik Tak

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