An Update On The Vacant Building At 391 5th Avenue


American Legion, 389 5th Ave

The long-empty building at 391 5th Avenue, between 6th and 7th Streets, may see some renewed action soon — at least, we hope. According to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, the property owner is working on selling the place, after her plans to turn it into a seven-story apartment building fell through.

Vacant for years (going way back, in 1959 it was a mattress shop), the current owner, Chiu-Kun Wu, purchased the property in 2003 for $600,000 in a city auction. According to the Department of Buildings, she filed plans to demolish the two-story building in 2008 to build a seven-story, two-family building in its place. But money seems to have gotten in the way of these plans.

“I was young; I had these dreams of building big,” she told the Eagle. “For financial reasons, I decided not to build.”

Public records indicate a lien was placed against the property last month. Here’s hoping this space isn’t in vacancy limbo much longer.


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  • Chris Eshleman

    Anyone know how to look up the assessed value?

    • Property Shark (which requires registration) lists the net assessed value as $17,280, market value as $344,000 (2012/13) or $418,000 (2013/14). You can also check on Zillow.