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The last full week of 2013 seemed pretty sleepy in the neighborhood, and we’re plenty happy with that. Hope you’re enjoying quiet streets and the end of the year!

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Here’s a look back at some stories you might have missed this week:

• Tacos, pulled pork, gelato, and more of the best things we ate in 2013.

• Eidolon is closing after 14 years on 5th Avenue.

• How to turn your Christmas tree into mulch.

• While some neighbors write notes to Times thieves, others apparently don’t read actual papers anymore.

• Park Slope looks pretty neat from above.

• Buttermilk Bakeshop is coming, but Sposabella’s gone and Boing Boing may be next.

• Didn’t get the gift you wanted? Maybe you deserve your own gift card.

• Spence-Chapin is opening a Modern Family Center at Plaza Wellness.

• Finally, your NYE plans could include fireworks and a run in Prospect Park!

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