First NYC Baby Of 2014 Born At Methodist, And She’s Adorable


Shannon-Lee Willis and Parents via Methodist

The first couple of minutes of 2014 were pretty eventful in Park Slope — not only was Bill de Blasio sworn in outside of his local home, but Shannon-Lee Willis was born at exactly 12am at New York Methodist Hospital, making her the first baby born in the new year in the city! Congratulations to mother Samantha Nieves and father Shannon Willis!

Mom told the Daily News that it was a close call:

“I thought I was going to give birth in the ambulance,” said Nieves, who has another daughter, 5, and a stepson, 2. “I’m glad we lasted until the hospital.”

Here’s hoping that’s an indication of a lifetime of patience for the adorable little Shannon-Lee!

Photo via New York Methodist Hospital

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