Missed Connection: Laundromat Love


Laundromat by Satirenoir on Flickr

Are you a lady who does her laundry at the place on the corner of 7th Avenue and 1st Street? If so, a fella recently fell for you, and is trying to find you for a little wash-and-hold via Craigslist:

You were wearing a blue jacket with a hood and folding brown sheets. I was reading a book and a National Geographic, standing at the end of the folding table. Black jacket. I looked up and you were gone. I was totally going to ask you out!

If her laundry day outfits are anything like ours, made up of the dregs of our closet that are the only clean things left but really should never see the light of day, then props to the guy for seeing past that. Or perhaps we’re more impressed with a lady who maybe doesn’t have this laundry-day outfit issue? Either way, here’s hoping for a sudsy romance!

Photo by Satirenoir

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