Buying Pinecones: Bargain Or Bust?


Pinecones for sale

Though the temperature yesterday made us wonder, it is in fact December, which for a lot of people means decking the halls for Christmas or setting a new scene at home for wintertime. And when it comes to decorations, they’re pretty much limitless, and countless stores in the neighborhood are currently stocked with strings of tiny lights, baubles for your tree, and as many things with snowflakes on them as there are snowflakes.

But when we spotted this box of pinecones for sale at $2 a pop at the deli on the corner of 5th Avenue and Douglass, we were conflicted.

On the one hand, we’ve seen plenty of pinecones available for the comparatively bargain price of $0 on sidewalks and in Prospect Park. On the other hand, who has time for pinecone hunting?

So what do you think — is there a market for $2 pinecones in Park Slope? And if so, how long before an enterprising kid figures it out and sets up a stand on the sidewalk?

  • ParkSlopePerson

    Seriously?? $2 for a pinecone? those things you find on the ground??? Umm, no!!

  • Alfie

    really a ripoff..!! and whoever plunks down that kind of cash for a bunch of pine cones, because you can’t just have one on display, ought to get their head examined.

  • Alfie

    price gouging!!!!

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