The Greenmarket Report: A Lucky, Beany New Year


Beans by Cayuga Pure Organics

A new year starts next week, and there are many superstitions surrounding the foods we eat around the holiday, from leafy greens to cakes. No matter what meal you’ve got planned, our local markets can help you stock up this weekend!

One item that turns up a lot in traditional lucky New Year’s meals is the mighty, yet humble, bean. Black-eye peas are traditional in the American South, and lentils are common in the South of France – both, it’s believed, because they symbolize coins, and a hope for wealth in the coming year. Inexpensive, nutritious, and delicious, you may find beans of all kinds deserve a place on your annual New Year’s plate.

If you’re interested in giving them a spin, check out Cayuga Pure Organics for a selection of dried beans including pinto, red merlot, and yellow eye at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket on Saturday, December 28, or Brooklyn Bean at the Park Slope Farmers Market on Sunday, December 29, which has prepared foods (with beans of course) in addition to a range of dried beans that currently include black coco, calypso, and Vermont cranberry.

Finally, one common theme from several parts of the world seems to be about leaving food on your plate or table to ensure you have enough in the year to come. Basically, eat well and enjoy, but don’t be too greedy, and, according to legends, you should have a happy new year!

The GAP Greenmarket runs Saturdays from 8am-4pm at Grand Army Plaza. The Park Slope Farmers Market runs Sundays from 10am-4pm along 4th Street at 5th Ave.

Photo via Cayuga Pure Organics

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