Two Boots To Find New Brooklyn Home In Williamsburg


Two Boots by _______z0 on Instagram

Park Slope lost a beloved institution last month when Two Boots closed its spot at 514 2nd Street after 24 years in business, and now it looks like the chain is setting up its Brooklyn outpost in Williamsburg.

Eater reports that Two Boots owner Phil Hartman (the Park Slope location was the only one in the chain run by different owners) has chosen the former home of Driggs Pizza to set up his Brooklyn base, which is scheduled to open in January.

As for the 2nd Street space, it’s been cleared out after an auction a couple few ago. Owners Andy and Piper Wandzilak are planning on doing some renovations this winter, and hope to reopen with a new concept in the spring of 2014.

For all those families missing Two Boots, do you have any suggestions for kid-friendly dining alternatives in the neighborhood?

Photo by ______z0

  • Jim

    Why would the owners of the 2nd street location auction off everything if they plan to reopen this spring? You don’t need different forks,spoons and plates to have a new concept. Something fishy is going on.

  • sterling

    The Park Slope 2 Boots were different owners from the rest of the franchise. They aren’t affiliated with the Williamsburg location.

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