The Best Things We Ate In Park Slope In 2013


Intrepid BBQ Tasters

One thing that’s easy to take for granted in Park Slope is the amount of options we’ve got for food. If you like to cook, we’ve got not one but two farmers markets, plus arguably the best Coop in the world. And if cooking’s not your thing, we have almost every kind of restaurant imaginable, from one that specializes in grilled cheese to at least ten places where you can get sushi. And we here at Park Slope Stoop have eaten our way through most of it.

To help you out in the coming year, we took a look back on this one to pick the best dishes we ate throughout 2013. Our favorites run the gamut from small on-the-go bites to the best bar food to gut-busting desserts, and while it is of course subjective, we do think that everyone will find something on the list that’s worth digging into.

So take a look below for some of the best food from the past year in Park Slope, and then share some of your favorites in the comments.

Pancakes at Dizzy's

Pancakes: Impossible to pick a favorite out of our top 10, but Fifth Avenue Diner gets the edge for being open 24/7.

The equally delicious ginger raspberry muffin

Muffins at Root Hill Cafe: Not only do they have some of the nicest people working there, but they serve up some of the best muffins in town. The steel-cut oat muffin is what a boring bowl of oatmeal wishes it could be.

earth cup from sun in bloom

Earth Cup at Sun In Bloom: A twist on the classic yogurt-and-granola bowl, this is an energy-packed punch of buckwheat, sunflower seed butter, dates, raisins, bananas, and blueberries with homemade “rice mylk” poured over, with a dollop of kefir on top to add just the right amount of tart. Plus, there are gluten-free and raw options available.

Arepa Benedict Bogota Bistro

Arepa Benedict at Bogota Latin Bistro: For when you need a hearty brunch to soak up some of last night, the corn cake offers a more substantial (and flavorful) base than the usual English muffin, tough the tomato and onion sauce won’t weigh you down like Hollandaise tends to do.

Lobster butternut squash bisque at the Soup Bowl

Lobster Butternut Squash Bisque at The Soup Bowl: It’s not surprising it’s a mainstay on their changing daily menu, as this popular soup is a satisfying one — rich and creamy but not too heavy, it’s also a bit sweet from the lobster and the squash.

Pickle Shack sandwich

Chanterelle Mushroom & Egg Sandwich at Pickle Shack: Delectable — the bread, specifically, a fluffy wonder.

Poutine at Sheep Station

Poutine at Sheep Station: It’s so rich it could probably give you a heart attack on the spot, but it might be the best bar dish in the area — salty, a little sweet, crunchy, it’s just the thing to split amongst friends while laughing over a few beers.

Tacos from Fatty Daddy Taco

Chicken Tacos at Fatty Daddy: If you live closer to the southern end of the Slope, you should note that you’ve got some truly excellent taco options, and the chicken ones here are at the top of that list.

kulushkat 1

Spicy Falafel at Kulushkät: The spice level is no joke on our favorite falafel sandwich in the neighborhood.

meltkraft brielle

Grilled Cheese at Meltkraft: We’re slowly working our way through the menu, and all the sandwiches are decadent and heavenly, as expected, with a great balance of flavors and textures. A lot of food is packed between that bread, so either go hungry or be prepared to share. A perfect match for all the beers on tap.

BBQ Tasting: Fletcher's

Pulled Pork at Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue: It was a pretty exciting year for BBQ in Park Slope, with openings of Morgan’s and the new Dinosaur outpost, but after tasting those and all the rest, we keep coming back to the perfect pulled pork at Fletcher’s, with crisped edges, tender meat, and a smokiness that beats out all the other BBQ in our area.

Pizza at Franny's

Pizza at Franny’s: They may have moved, but the pizza — a charred, smokey crust topped with a sauce and cheese that has just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness — stayed as good as ever. Still wish we didn’t have to cut it ourselves, though.

Pumpkin Pie Frozen Yogurt at Culture

Pumpkin Pie Frozen Yogurt at Culture: True, there are a million choices for fro-yo in the neighborhood, but Culture keeps tempting us back with their limited number of flavors that change regularly — we’ll miss this Thanksgiving-inspired treat until its return next year!

albero dei gelati gelato

Gelato at L’Albero dei Gelati: In a land where fro-yo is king, gelato may have a tougher time — and indeed, we recently lost Caramello’s wonderful creations. But with creative and incredibly delicious flavors and a service window out onto the street, plus a menu that includes several savory dishes as well as a bunch of pastries, here’s hoping L’Albero will stay a very long while.

A'Putia cannoli

Cannoli at A’Putia: The traditional Italian pastry from this newcomer is one of the most delicious ones we’ve had in Park Slope, and perhaps in Brooklyn.

PB&J S'more at Winter Warmers

S’mores at Winter Warmers: Decadent but nostalgic, and super fun to eat because of that ooey-gooey mess — but it’s only available until spring in this pop-up shop on Union Street!

Now it’s your turn: What were some of your best dining experiences in Park Slope in the past year? Were you surprised by something new, or did you keep returning to an old favorite? Let us know your top picks in the comments below!

  • Benjamin Kabak

    Of all the pancakes in Park Slope, you picked Fifth Ave. Diner? Um ok.

  • Michelle

    Lamb kabobs at Amira’s or Pork Abodo at Fonda next door. That block in South Slope keeps me very happy.

  • slarkpope

    I know there are a billion of them, but that new sushi place on 7th Ave at 3rd (can’t remember the name) is so great, miles better than the rest. Such a great addition to the neighborhood.

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