Snack Break: PB&J S’more At Winter Wamers


PB&J S'more at Winter Warmers

As soon as you walk into Winter Warmers, the pop-up shop that’s occupying the People’s Pops space at 808 Union Street for the chilly season, you know things are going to get messy. Everyone who’s in there, be it a child or a grown-up, has a sticky smile, licking their fingers, grabbing for the containers of wet naps or an extra napkin. But when you’re dealing with s’mores, generally the messier the better!

The s’mores start at $3.50 (with packaged graham crackers) or $4 (with homemade ones), and then it’s up to you how it comes. They’ve got a variety of homemade marshmallows — from honey to pumpkin to peppermint and more — a choice of milk or dark chocolate, and then a whole bunch of toppings, which cost extra.

PB&J S'more at Winter Warmers

We opted for a PB&J s’more with homemade graham crackers, honey marshmallow, milk chocolate, peanut butter pieces, and strawberry jam ($4.90). The price may seem a bit steep for a treat that appears a bit small, but it packs a punch.

The graham crackers are soft and crumbly, more like a cookie than the crackers you may be used to, and the marshmallow has a much nicer consistency than one from a bag you pick up for a buck at the bodega. It’s definitely the best s’more we’ve ever eaten, decadent but nostalgic, and super fun to eat because of that ooey-gooey mess.

Once there’s some snow on the ground, this is just the kind of cozy spot you’re going to want to stop at on your way home from sledding in Prospect Park. But until then, if the s’more isn’t your thing, or you can’t handle that sugar rush more than every once in a while, they’ve also got a few varieties of hot chocolate (which you can top with marshmallows) and hot apple cider that will take the chill off.

Winter Warmers is located at 808 Union Street near 7th Avenue. It’s open daily from 12-9:30pm, and will be in this space through March, 2014.

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