Park Slope Represents Best Of New York With Hangover Cures, Ethiopian Food & More



It’s been a pretty great year to eat, drink, and spend time in Park Slope, at least according to the Village Voice, which just released its Best of 2013 lists. See what came out on top in our area below:

Best of 2013 Food & Drink

Best Picnic Lunch Supplier: Bierkraft, 191 5th Ave
Voice says: ”The finishing touch for your picnic lunch? House-made ice cream sandwiches, though you might want to eat that first.”
Our take: We recommend the roast beef!

Best Ethiopian: Ghenet, 348 Douglass St
Voice says: ”…don’t miss the doro wett, a rust-colored stew laced with the heat and earth unique to Ethiopian spice blend berbere that bobs with tender hunks of dark-meat chicken (often a drumstick) and a hard-boiled egg.”
Our take: Not just one of the best Ethiopian restaurants in the city, but one of the best places to eat on 4th Avenue.

Best Beer Garden: Lavender Lake, 383 Carroll St
Voice says: ”…lounging at a picnic table with a pint remains our favorite way to experience this corner of Gowanus where you can’t even smell the canal.”
Our take: Calling it a beer garden is a bit of an over-statement, but we definitely enjoy their backyard, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays in the summer when it’s not too crowded.

Best Cure for a Hangover: Chip Shop, 383 5th Ave. & 129 Atlantic Ave
Voice says: “Throw in as much coffee as you need to sober up, and the $10 meal [the Full English Breakfast]is a certain cure-all after a big night out.”
Our take: Anything fried will usually do the trick, so if you can’t stomach the Full English Breakfast, there are several other options here that have saved us in the past.

Best Spot for Homesick New Englanders: Littleneck, 288 3rd Ave
Voice says: ”For the true Yanks who know that Down East is up north and quahog is something you eat, not pronounce, there’s a little clam shack by the Gowanus Canal just waiting to welcome you home.”
Our take: The clam chowder is no joke!

Best Case for Trying Sherry: Terroir, 284 5th Ave
Voice says: ”It’ll soon be undeniable: Sherry’s not just for grandmothers, especially when paired with that discounted olive plate. In terms of wine-geek bang for a cheapskate’s buck, this is the best deal in the city.”
Our take: Haven’t gotten on the sherry train yet, but we can get behind their new FiPS-approved brunch menu.

Best Stadium Dining Experience: Barclays Center, 620 Atlantic Ave
Voice says: ”Barclays Center rolls deep in local Brooklyn vendors like Fatty ‘Cue, Calexico, Habana Outpost, and L&B Spumoni Gardens, which deal meatballs and Cuban sandwiches in addition to traditional stadium fare like hot dogs and Coke.”
Our take: The food options are definitely better than other stadiums, but the beer pricing is not our favorite thing.

Best of 2013 Arts & Entertainment

Best Comic Shop for Signings and Events: Bergen Street Comics, 470 Bergen St
Voice says: ”With shelves bursting with graphic novels and a cooler full of white wine and Heineken, Bergen Street hosts intimate Q&As with creators…”
Our take: Couldn’t agree more, for both kids and adults! Their events for the year are done, but follow them to find out what’s coming up in 2014.

Think they missed anything in the neighborhood? Nominate your own favorites from the past year in the comments below!

  • Brandie Mcnemar

    Great, Great post! I have to say I am printing this off when I go back to NYC! I have just recently come back from there, wish I had this then! I did however have 365 Guide NYC, a book by Monica DiNatale. She lists the best places to eat and drink so you don’t go broke! is the site. I tell you what, it was the single most helpful thing I used when I was there, a person’s got to eat!

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