Black Bear Sugarworks Retail Space Coming To 5th Avenue


Black Bear Sugarworks coming to 374 5th Ave

Maple syrup fans, it’s time to get excited. Black Bear Sugarworks, a maple syrup farm from Vermont, is setting up shop at 374 5th Avenue, between 5th and 6th Streets.

Signs popped up recently in the window of the space, which the Feldenkrais Center of Park Slope moved out of in September, along with an article from the Brattleboro Reformer, which makes us hopeful that they’ll be slinging more than just syrup (though, honestly, that might be enough). Their Brattleboro, VT farm stand received some great praise for its locally-sourced milkshakes, hot dogs, sandwiches, and more.

Run by Mark Hastings, who the Reformer says sold a successful high-tech company he built in Boston in 2005 to buy the 140-acre Vermont farm, the farm stand was supposed to open a spot in Fort Greene, as Brownstoner reported in June. However, there doesn’t seem to be any info about that actually happening, so perhaps this is the next new step?

We’ve reached out to the folks at Black Bear, and will let you know any additional details if we hear back.

Thanks to neighbor Lauren Zavier for the tip!

  • famdoc

    I’m all for entrepreneurship. Really. But, one wonders what went on inside the head of Mr. Hastings when he signed the lease on that space. That is one niche industry, maple syrup. We all have a container of maple syrup in our pantries. Depending upon our diet and family composition, we might buy a new one every month or every year. Real maple syrup (I won’t touch the fake stuff) is expensive. Nevertheless, how many pints and quarts must he sell just to break even on his Fifth Ave. rent? I wish him success, but can’t help but think he’s taking a mighty risk.

    • Tim

      If you read the article linked, you’d know that they sell much more than maple syrup.

      “he offers his own maple syrup as well as milk shakes, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream, lemonade and other treats. Eighty percent of the items on his menu are made from locally sourced ingredients, said Hastings.”

      Sounds like a major hit to me. Culture has done so well JUST selling yogurt that they just opened a new shop in the West Village.

      • mell

        It says at their farmstand, doesn’t say anywhere for sure they will be offering same variety here at this new spot.

        I think I’m going to lean more with famdoc on this one. Maybe they have done well with those items, but that’s in Vermont right? Think we got enough famous places here in NY for sandwiches, ice creams, etc.which are already stables in many areas.

        Also, I don’t know about compare syrup to yogurt. Yogurt is something that people can have daily. I can’t say the same for syrup no matter how good it is.

        • Tim


          We are setting up a retail operation in Brooklyn New York, watch for news about our new location.
          Join us for one of our famous all local Chili Cheese Dogs, old fashioned Cream Sodas, Lemonade, outstanding Maple Creemees and of course our maple products.

        • Mark Hastings

          In the world of real food there are two environmentally friendly, healthy sweeteners; Honey & Maple Syrup which is classified as a super food.
          Agave, Stevia and many other sweeteners require a chemistry degree to make, Maple sugar is made by a tree, it doesn’t get any more natural than that.
          Vermonters use it daily in coffee, tea, oatmeal, smoothies, milk shakes, maple cream sodas, yogurt, baked beans, sweet and sour red cabbage, maple brined poultry, maple glazed pork loin or hams. Our frankfurters and chili both use maple syrup instead of corn syrup or brown sugar.

          • N8ureBoy

            Welcome to the neighborhood, Mark! Walked past your store last night and got excited when I saw activity in there. Oh, and please pay the “negative Nellies” no mind…every blog has them, and they live to predict the doom of every and any new business. ;o)

  • Mark Hastings

    We are very excited to be opening our first store in Brooklyn. To our knowledge we are the only Vermont maple farm store in the five boroughs. Until Christmas we will be selling our organic maple syrup, maple sugar, maple cream and if the stars line up right our own maple candy.
    In the spring we will reopen with the same fare that brought us outstanding reviews and loyal fans, some of whom traveled from as far a Hartford CT for our chili cheese dogs or all natural maple soft serve ice cream, called Maple Creemee’s in Vermont.
    It is our passion and source of joy to prepare & serve real food, grown and raised by real people in the most environmentally friendly manner. We look forward to serving you and bringing some of the best foods Vermont has to offer to Brooklyn.

    • Ed

      Can’t wait!!

    • parkslopelandlord

      Very excited to have you guys here on 5th avenue. Looking forward to seeing you soon. I am sure you will be a great hit.

  • pharmd

    My wife is super excited! ….I am sure many others in the neighborhood are as well.

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