Spence-Chapin Opens The Modern Family Center On Grand Army Plaza (Partner)


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Spence-Chapin Services for Families and Children is pleased to announce the opening of the Modern Family Center at Plaza Wellness.

The Modern Family Center is a place for building and strengthening today’s families — adoptive parents, birth parents, and adoptees, as well as LGBT parents, single parents, ART families, and blended families. They offer counseling, parent coaching, support groups, youth programming, Personal Adoption Histories, educational workshops, and adoption preparation and home study services.

Their unique expertise in adoption allows their licensed, trained clinicians to approach families in a holistic manner, while still valuing the individual voice of the person, couple, or child within that family.

The Modern Family Center provides a safe and supportive community where every person can discover a better understanding of themselves, and every family can get the help they need to heal.

The Modern Family Center is located at Plaza Wellness, 36 Plaza Street, Brooklyn. Learn more by calling 646-539-2167 or get more information online.

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