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Neighbors (crop) 7th avenue bodega cat

There’s something dreamy about a guy who likes animals, as one neighbor recently discovered. While attempting to pet some stray kitties in the lot on Bergen Street between 5th and 6th Avenues on Monday, a woman got into conversation with a guy named Mike, who was also trying to lure the furry beasts into love.
Art & Music Josie and the Fourth Grade Bike Brigade

A feisty nine-year-old girl becomes a crusader for preventing disastrous climate change and other environmental threats — sounds like a tale that could be set in Park Slope, right? Well it turns out that the new children’s book Josie and the Fourth Grade Bike Brigade was inspired by activism at PS 321, and is co-authored
Neighbors Park Slope Streets: Rowhouses

The Park Slope Civic Council is launching the first annual Evelyn and Everett Ortner Park Slope Preservation Awards to celebrate those who have restored, transformed, or built properties that honor the unique, historic characteristics of our neighborhood. The awards are named for Evelyn Ortner (1924-2006) and Everett Ortner (1919-2012), long-time residents of and advocates for
Business (crop) Shira Burstein

Neighbor Shira Burstein has found a lot to be inspired about in Park Slope, and now she has a chance to give back to the community with her new psychotherapy practice, which she just launched this month at 36 Plaza Street. “I most look forward to developing professional roots, becoming more involved in, and helping
Neighbors Owl Farm Beer

Are you a woman who was sitting at The Owl Farm (297 9th Street) on Thursday night, reading The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Ritual and Religion while enjoying a beer? If so, you caught the eye of a fellow patron: I crossed the street, went to Fatty Daddy Taco to place an order for
Neighbors (crop) Kens Burns via Twitter

If you suddenly feel like every time you’re at Grand Army Plaza, a soundtrack starts playing and a mellow narrator begins telling you about its history, that could be the influence of our newest neighbor, documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. The Observer reports that the man behind films like The Civil War and The Central Park
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