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Animals Prospect Park Boathouse

A local dog group is spreading the word about the possibility that toxic algae in Prospect Park Lake is making pups sick. FIDO recently noted on its Facebook page that one of its member’s dogs “appear to have been showing mild symptoms from their daily swims” at the park, where the New York State Department
Animals Curb Your Dog, Poop

We’ve been enjoying the new site Park Slope for Pets, which they describe as “a lively social hub where people come to swap stories about their pets, get advice, read about upcoming events, and learn about local pet services,” and we recently noticed an interesting forum on there called The Pooper Snooper. The page gives people an
Animals via Go Fetch Run

If you’re in Prospect Park this Saturday and you notice a bunch of people doing push-ups while their faithful dogs offer moral support, that’s a fun event called Foster Fitness, which is happening in cooperation with Foster Dogs NYC and Go Fetch Run, a fitness class for dogs and their owners. The event is sold
Animals (crop) Cat adoption via K9Kastle

On Saturday, May 31 and Sunday, June 1, more than 90 animal shelters and rescue groups in the area are participating in Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days, the largest free pet adoption event in America: The goal of Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days is to give all healthy, senior, and treatable shelter dogs and cats a second chance. The
Animals Hamadryas Baboon Babies at Prospect Park Zoo by Julie Larsen Maher

If you’ve got a little case of the Mondays, the Prospect Park Zoo wants to help you through that. They just released a video of their two young Hamadryas baboons, who were born last year, showing how they “sharpen their social skills through roughhousing and play” to get ready for using those skills to protect
Animals Birds Over 4th Avenue

Across the five boroughs, pigeons are wreaking havoc with their ample poop, but nobody complains about it more than Park Slopers. According to a piece in the Times, the most complaints to 311 about “unsanitary pigeon conditions” since 2010 have come from our neighborhood. And there is, apparently, a lot to complain about — they
Animals Prospect Park, dog and shore birds

We’re currently in the peak season when migratory birds pass through the city on their way their summer homes — here’s a great list of just some of the interesting birds you might see. And our big backyard of Prospect Park is one of the best places in the city to go bird watching, as
Animals Found dog via Foster Dogs NYC

Do you recognize this dog? Foster Dogs NYC reports that a man named Joe found him tied to a bench in Prospect Park, sat with him for a while, then walked around the park with him looking for his owner, only to hear from another park-goer that they’d seen the dog tied to that same bench hours
Animals (crop) 7th avenue bodega cat

You may already know Victoria and Sheeba, two local bodega cats, but now thanks to WNYC, you can know what they’re thinking — or, well, what their shop owners think they’re thinking. “I have a happy, happy life in this store,” Victoria says. “I hate aggressive dogs,” says Sheeba, who’s about 16 years old and
Animals (crop) Benson the puppy via Foster Dogs NYC

Benson is a four-month-old, 20-pound labrador/shepherd/chow mix, and is just a giant fluffball of love that is currently in foster care and looking for a forever home. Foster Dogs NYC describes the sweet little guy who they say will grow into a medium/large dog that’s good with kids and other pets: He loves exploring, playing, and giving
Animals Copy Cats by cmizer88 on Instagram

Just our annual tribute to the Park Slope Copy Center feline work crew. Photo of the lazy employees (they are always sleeping on the job) by cmizer88. Take any photos in Park Slope recently? Send them to, add them to the Park Slope Stoop Flickr group, or tag them #parkslope on Instagram, and we’ll post them here. Also, follow
Animals Leia puppy via Foster Dogs NYC

Looking for a furry young pal? Leia is a three-month-old, 14-pound lab mix puppy currently in foster care in Park Slope and looking for a forever home. Foster Dogs NYC describes the sweet little dog: Leia is a high energy little bundle of love. She is very smart, has already learned to sit, and will
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