This Year On The Stoop: 2013 Business Openings & Closings


Gowanus Whole Foods Bread Breaking

It’s been another busy year for businesses coming to and heading out of Park Slope.

Frozen yogurt was still, somehow, in the forefront, but oysters, barbecue, porridge, and an enormous supermarket made some waves of their own in 2013.

And as rents increased and tastes changed, we saw some longtime businesses close up shop this year, from a bar that tried to secede from the neighborhood to a family-friendly joint that had been around for 24 years.

Check out the full list and get more details at the links below for who we welcomed, and who we said goodbye to (and yes, some happened in the same year).

Businesses Opened In 2013

Aji Sushi, 201 5th Avenue

Amber Sushi, 847B Union Street

Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store, 232 5th Avenue

A’Putia, 179 5th Avenue

The Bahche, 191 7th Street

Bit O’ Sweet, 315 4th Avenue

Black Bear Sugarworks, 374 5th Avenue

Blossom Brows, 315 9th Street

Brooklyn Oak Dental Care, 319 6th Avenue

Brooklyn Porridge Co., 741 Union Street

Canvas Art Gallery & Café, 348 6th Street

Chagall Bistro, 330 5th Street (formerly Belleville)

Citibank Home Lending, 200 7th Avenue

Dinosaur BBQ, 604 Union Street

Dragonfly Boutique, 145 5th Avenue (though it’s now set to close)

Duke of Montrose, 47 5th Avenue

Elbow Room, 229 Flatbush Avenue

Eleven Consignment, 70 5th Avenue

Fatty Daddy Taco, 310 9th Street

G&A Park Slope Barber Shop, 203A Garfield Place

Gorilla Coffee, 472 Bergen Street

Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn, 256 5th Avenue

Green Tree Pharmacy, 291 7th Avenue

Ground Floor Gallery, 343 5th Street

Haab, 396 6th Avenue

Ideya Latin Bistro, 636 Carlton Avenue

Items of Interest, 60 5th Avenue

Just Salad, 252 7th Avenue

L Train Vintage, 654 Sackett Street

Lakeside at Prospect Park

L’Albero dei Gelati, 341 5th Avenue

Le Pain Quotidien, 239 5th Avenue

Let’s Yo, 179 Flatbush Avenue

Life Boutique Thrift, 66 5th Avenue

Marco’s, 295 Flatbush Avenue

Meltkraft, 442 9th Street

Mondini Army & Leather, 454 Flatbush Avenue

Morgans Barbecue, 267 Flatbush Avenue

New York Kids Club, 125 5th Avenue

Olieng, 52 7th Avenue

Paper Source, 87 7th Avenue

Park Place Pharmacy, 160 Park Place

Percy’s Pizza, 447 1st Street (formerly South Brooklyn Pizza)

Pickle Shack, 256 4th Avenue

Red Mango, 276 Flatbush Avenue

Sanskriti, 54 7th Avenue

Sawa, 71 7th Avenue

Shamisen, 384 5th Avenue

Slope Wellness, 816 8th Avenue

Starbucks, 164 Park Place

Sterling Place, 148 7th Avenue

Sushi Katsuei, 210 7th Avenue

Union Beauty, 849a Union Street

Uniqlo, Atlantic Terminal Mall

The Walk-In Cookbook, 72 7th Avenue

Whole Foods, 214 3rd Street

Winter Warmers, 808 Union Street

Yogurtland, 207 7th Avenue

Sweet Melissa closed temporarily

Businesses Closed In 2013

B’nai Tzedukah Thrift, 66 5th Avenue

Brooklyn Rock, 454 Flatbush Avenue

Cafe Sant Edesia, 179 5th Avenue (opened only weeks before)

Caramello, 179 5th Avenue

Casa Ventura, 210 7th Avenue

Dao Palate, 201 5th Avenue

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, 164 Park Place

Fornino, 256 5th Avenue

Galaxy Comics, 123 7th Avenue

Get Reel Video, 70 5th Avenue

Health Aid Pharmacy, 291 7th Avenue

Jackie’s 5th Amendment, 404 5th Avenue

L&O Personal Process Cleaners, 199 7th Avenue

La Vedette, 43 5th Avenue

Leelawadee, 52 7th Avenue

Loli’s Taqueria, 396 6th Avenue (opened in May)

Mega Glass, 51 5th Avenue

MetLife Home Loans, 200 7th Avenue

Noella Brew Bar, 72 7th Avenue

Odd Twin, 164 5th Avenue

Oshima, 71 7th Avenue

Posh Pets, 256A Flatbush Avenue

Root Hill Burger, 256 4th Avenue

Rose of India, 54 7th Avenue

Royal Video, 317 Flatbush Avenue

Scaredy Kat, 232 5th Avenue

Shanghai Spa, 241 5th Avenue

Sposabella Couture, 69 7th Avenue

Sweet Melissa, 175 7th Avenue

Two Boots, 514 2nd Street

Urban Alchemist, 343 5th Street

Voodoo Lounge, 138 5th Avenue

Warp and Weft, 203A Garfield Place

Yummy Taco, 245 Flatbush Avenue

stitch therapy int 2

Businesses Relocated In 2013

Allied Orthopedics, moved to 105-40 Rockaway Blvd in Queens from 240 Flatbush Ave

Body Unique, moved to 150 Fourth Avenue from  382 5th Avenue

Fabipops, opened then closed at 60 4th Avenue to open retail location in 2014

Franny’s, moved to 348 Flatbush Avenue from 295 Flatbush Avenue

Feldenkrais Center of Park Slope, moved to 426 4th Ave from  374 5th Ave

Stitch Therapy, moved to 180 Lincoln Place from 72 7th Avenue

Vegetarian Palate, moved to 603 Washington Ave in Prospect Heights from 258 Flatbush Ave

To see what places opened and closed in 2013 below 9th Street, check out the list on South Slope News.

Anything we forgot? Anyplace you’re loving, or anyplace you miss more than others? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And if you notice any comings or goings in 2014, let us know at

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