Gowanus Whole Foods Opens On Third And 3rd


Gowanus Whole Foods Canal Sign

It may have taken ten years, but Gowanus officially has their Whole Foods Market.

Marty Whole Foods Opening

“I still dream of Gowanus one day becoming the mini Venice of Brooklyn, but with Whole Foods, we can well become a mini mecca of mangia,” said Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, as he declared today Brooklyn Whole Foods Market Third and 3rd Day.

“There is an old saying,” Markowitz continued, “‘man and woman does not live by bread alone,’ and that’s why there’s Whole Foods. For all the organic, artisanal, local, ethical, hand-crafted, hormone free, grass-fed, free-range, sustainable, eco-friendly, gluten free, rooftop hydroponic grown, cruelty free food that you could ever dream of.”

Marty Thank You Sign

During the speeches, Whole Foods Regional President Christina Minardi surprised Markowitz with a plaque that will hang near the entrance of the store, thanking him for his work as borough president.

Gowanus Whole Foods Bread Breaking

While the ceremony was lovely, folks were really there to explore the store. After the official “bread breaking,” Whole Foods Gowanus opened,

Crowds Entering Gowanus Whole Foods

and eager Brooklynites swarmed through the automatic doors.

apples whole foods

Customers were immediately greeted with brightly colored fruits,

veg whole foods

and fresh veggies.

gowanus whole foods fish market

The guys at the seafood counter had a pep rally rocking the back of the market. ”How much are those lobster tails?” “TWO FOR TEN!” “How much?” “TWO FOR TEN!”

shoppers gowanus whole foods

It didn’t take long for shoppers to start filling their baskets. Alison Lawrence, whose kids attend school about two blocks away from the new Whole Foods, said that she’s excited to have some new shopping options.

“Because we have three kids,” she told us, “we rely a lot on Fresh Direct, which gets a little tedious after a while, and it’s not as competitively prices as it used to be.”

whole foods vinyl record center

Looking to kick it old school with some vinyl? There’s a counter for that.

smiling employee gowanus whole foods

Employees across the store were smiling from ear to ear.

Gowanus Whole Foods Beer Wall

We were smiling, too, when we discovered this majestic wall of beer.

oatmeal hot service counter gowanus whole foods

Three words: French toast oatmeal. Mmmmmmmmmm.

egg bacon pizza

We’ve been dreaming about you our whole lives, bacon, egg, and cheese pizza.

hot stuff whole foods

There were a number of hot food selections that will change throughout the day (for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

coffe counter

The coffee counter is up front near the bakery,

coffee grinder

but you won’t want to miss the epic coffee grinder at the back of the store (near the seafood counter).

knife sharpening

Knives getting dull? Leave them at the sharpening counter while you do your shopping, and pick them up when you’re finished.

upstairs seating

Up on the second floor are a number of seating options (in case you don’t want to cart your bacon, egg, and cheese pizza home),

the roof

and The Roof, an indoor/outdoor (though you probably wouldn’t want to sit out there today) bar.

whole foods exterior

Overall, we were impressed with Whole Foods Gowanus. We want to hear from you, though! Have you had a chance to stop by yet? What did you think?

Whole Foods Gowanus is located at 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street. Hours are 8am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

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