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Living a gluten-free lifestyle requires a great deal of patience, determination, and willpower–especially when dining out. In a hunt to find Park Slope restaurants that offer gluten-free options (with a smile), we went undercover to find the best spots for our “GF” community to comfortably patronize. Despite some quizzical looks and blank stares, we found
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Park Slope is a destination in itself for food connoisseurs, and home to some of New York’s most celebrated and publicized restaurants. But savoring a lavish meal out doesn’t have to come with an exorbitant price tag; given the right combination of ambiance, delicious fare, attentive service, and reasonable pricing, enjoying an affordably extravagant meal
Featured Brooklyn Crepe & Juice Bar (169 Fifth Avenue)

While smoothies were the “it” drink of the ’90s, freshly pressed, pulverized, and macerated (you heard us right) juices are quickly becoming today’s current health craze. What is the difference between a smoothie and a juice? Made in a blender, a smoothie is composed of whole fruits and vegetables blended together to create a thick,
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After taking a tour of our neighborhood’s bakeries, we’ve discovered that Park Slope is a destination in itself for some of the best confections in New York. Talented pastry chefs from premier restaurants in Manhattan and all over the world have settled in the Slope to create baked, candied, and frozen sweet and savory delights
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The comforting and heartwarming aroma of something sweet baking in the oven awakens feelings of love and family for most of us. Childhood memories of birthday cakes, ice cream cones, and visits to the local bakery for a Sunday treat linger into adulthood, and no matter how old we get (or health-conscious for that matter),
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The Park Slope Food Coop and Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts have joined forces to spread the message of health to our Brooklyn community. With a popular and entertaining cooking demonstration on the first Thursday evening of every month, talented chefs affiliated with the school teach a variety of global cooking styles with one common theme:
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Restaurants offering quick-service, upscale cuisine, or “gourmet fast food,” are rapidly becoming a major culinary trend of 2013. Always being at the forefront of the food scene, Park Slope is home to a variety of unique, eclectic, inexpensive, and of course, delicious spots to grab a quick bite. We scoured the streets to find some
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As a health-supportive chef (and health-conscious Brooklynite), I’m always skeptical of the latest health trend, diet fad, or so-called “superfood” touted by the media. Although quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) — a food that I’d never even heard of as a kid — hit “superfood” status a few years ago, I’ve recently put this seed to the
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“Comfort food is traditionally eaten food which provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the person eating it.” Comfort food holds personal meaning for all of us—whether we attach it to childhood memories of Mom’s chicken noodle soup, or high holidays with Grandma’s potato latkes and homemade applesauce. All over the world, people of every
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The fountain of youth can be found in a bowl, Park Slope, and it’s as close as your local grocery store or Japanese restaurant! Miso soup—a staple of Japanese cuisine—is an easy and delicious way to boost your immunity (and avoid that nasty flu virus) while providing several other noticeably significant health benefits. It’s a
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Park Slope is a romantic town. With restaurants nestled amidst old brownstones on tree-lined blocks, our neighborhood is the perfect setting for an intimate dinner and moonlit stroll. Lucky for us hopeless romantics, we won’t have to roam far on Valentine’s Day; from Latin fusion to upscale seasonal American fare, Park Slope offers a special dining
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Park Slope takes its coffee seriously. Each of our many venues adds its own personal style in coffee, menu, entertainment, and ambiance for the varied needs of our diverse community. Whether you’re a serious coffee drinker, toddler-toting parent, or just need to find a place to spend the afternoon on your laptop, Park Slope has
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