‘Some Velvet Morning,’ Filmed Entirely In Park Slope Brownstone, Now In Theaters


A new movie set entirely in a three-story Park Slope brownstone is now in theaters. Some Velvet Morning, which stars Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve as a former couple who talk circles around each other around the home, was written and directed by Neil LaBute. He tells Entertainment Weekly how it ended up being filmed here rather than launched on a stage:

I write things that do not have homes. I didn’t write it for a theater company, I didn’t write it for some film company, I simply had the idea, sat down and wrote this thing. So I had this piece of material that yes, could go straight to the theater — it’s a two-hander, it’s one location, it’s absolutely helped by this wonderful, triple story Park Slope brownstone we used, but it’s still essentially in one location as written, so that could have been the natural trail.  So there I was with this material and I was also in a place as a director where I was thinking, “I’ve directed other people’s stuff, I’ve remade things, it’s been a while since I’ve taken something of my own and made a film.” So it was the perfect time to say, “It won’t take a lot of money, I just need really good people and that’s what I’m going to do.”

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the film shoot took eight days, and that the family that lives here was relocated so the cast and crew could take over the whole place the entire time.

The movie is currently only playing at the Village East Cinema, 181 2nd Avenue in Manhattan.

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