Daily Archives: February 20, 2013

Photos abandoned rain boots

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Business spa piggies

Tucked outside the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, across the street from a coffee truck and standing at the entrance to the park, Spa Piggies sells their merchandise. The modest table displays all-natural and homemade beauty products, including lip balm, bath salts, foot scrubs, and lotions, and despite the cold, business is good. I snag the…

Business belleville exterior

Some major renovations are going on at Belleville, the bistro at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Fifth Street. The windows are covered in sheets of newspaper, the awnings are being removed, and a sign posted at the entrance reveals that the restaurant has been closed since Monday while “undergoing major changes.” Taking into account…

Food & Drink Miso

The fountain of youth can be found in a bowl, Park Slope, and it’s as close as your local grocery store or Japanese restaurant! Miso soup—a staple of Japanese cuisine—is an easy and delicious way to boost your immunity (and avoid that nasty flu virus) while providing several other noticeably significant health benefits. It’s a…

Greenmarket & CSA csa via m.e.c.

If you are one to plan ahead (really, really ahead), then you’ll be happy to know that the Park Slope CSA has begun registration for the 2013 season. This will be the CSA’s 13th year bringing local, family-farmed produce to the Slope, and they’re offering two options for membership on two different delivery days: You can sign up for…

Business learnvest via we are made in ny

Do you have a tech startup, or are you interested in joining one? You might want to take a look at the new We Are Made In NY program, introduced by Mayor Bloomberg early yesterday. According to their website: We Are Made In New York is an economic development initiative that supports the city’s vibrant tech community by highlighting job opportunities…