Daily Archives: February 7, 2013

Photos view from 8th ave and 9th via steve mcgill

Reader and frequent contributor Steven McGill sends another beautiful view our way, this one from 9th Street and 8th Avenue. Thanks for the shot! Captured a Park Slope moment on camera? Send it to editor@parkslopestoop.com, add it to the Park Slope Stoop Flickr group, or tag it #parkslope on Instagram, and we’ll post it on the blog.

Neighbors weather warning

It’s coming! Emergency alerts about the impending blizzard hit (some) smartphones at around 4:00 p.m. and people are reacting and preparing. https://twitter.com/achildgrows/status/299627568385110017 https://twitter.com/MissLiberty/status/299627776581971968 https://twitter.com/readandbreathe/status/299630868165697536 https://twitter.com/HeyItsLiam/status/299633576503279616 https://twitter.com/andevers/status/299637821231230979 https://twitter.com/jennalisetwts/status/299624009870487552 https://twitter.com/effedparkslope/status/299625283517038592 Are you stocked up on all of your snowed-in goods? What will you be reading/watching/drinking?

Art & Music puppetworks via fb

It seems that the school bus strike is affecting more than just the schools. Neighborhood marionette theater Puppetworks has lost an estimated 70% of its business to the strike and is now facing possible closure. The theater, which hosts public shows on the weekend but relies on school trips throughout the week, has seen a…

Animals smooch-a-pooch via canal bar

So Nemo is coming, and people are in full-on storm preparation mode. Even La Bagel Delight has a sign on the door urging people to stock up on bagels. (What is the recommended amount of storm bagels for a single woman? Six? A dozen? You know what, I’ll get a couple dozen just to be…

Education maurice sendak via palette graphics

PS 118, the elementary school opening this fall at 211 Eighth Street, announced this morning that it will be called the Maurice Sendak Community School in honor of the late children’s book author and Brooklyn native. The name was chosen by principal Elizabeth Garraway and parents of future students. According to DNAinfo, Sendak’s originality and…

Events prospect park winter

Word on the street is we’ll be getting some more snow this weekend, and while it may be the source of some hassle it does tend to turn Prospect Park into a veritable winter wonderland. What better time to join the Urban Park Rangers for a Nature Exploration Hike? Meet up with the Rangers at the Picnic House…