Daily Archives: January 19, 2013

Photos no strollers via genn4dy

“There’s only ONE bar in Park Slope where you’ll see THIS sign,” says Instagrammer genn4dy. Do you know which bar that is? Captured a Park Slope moment on camera? Send it to editor@parkslopestoop.com, add it to the Park Slope Stoop Flickr group, or tag it #parkslope on Instagram, and we’ll post it on the blog

Food & Drink buon pane focaccia via greenmarket regional grains project

Good morning, Park Slope! Don’t feel like making breakfast? Head over to the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket and try some ready-made treats, specifically Buon Pane’s focaccia. Baker Barbara Olsen was highlighted in the Bread as Agriculture project for her use of fresh and local ingredients– even down to the flour– buying mostly from other farmers at the…