0 Photo Of The Day: Prescriptions

Check out the great old neon, spotted by kimcheelicious, that was hiding under the awning of Prospect Gardens Pharmacy on the corner of 7th Avenue and Union Street! The former home of the pharmacy, which closed in March after operating…

0 Photo Of The Day: Hello Down There

A lofty spy captured by photographer tatofrias. Take any photos in the neighborhood lately? Send them to, add them to the Park Slope Stoop Flickr group, or tag them #parkslope on Instagram, and we’ll post them here. Also, follow us on Twitter, Facebook,…

0 Weekday Fun: The Best Events May 4-6

Hello, May! Looking for something fun to start your month off right? From a talk about seabirds to a storytelling event, from live music to a festival of puns, there are some great things to do close to home this…

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